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Virtual Classrooms

What is Distance learning?

Multi-day training delivered in a modular and a web-based format. Participants register individually and access the sessions with a direct email. Sessions are typically 3 hours (1:30-4:30pm ET) and spread out. This allows participants to balance learning with other work responsibilities.  Attendance is recorded and upon successful completion, CEUs are applied towards certification requirements. Distance learnings are meant to be interactive. Participants will engage with the faculty member by discussions, polls and utilizing a chat feature. 

Note: Electronic copy of training manual included in pricing. Certification Exam must be purchased separately.


Available Trainings:​​​

March 5 – 14: Public Housing Manager
Trainer: Darlene Kelly

March 19 - 21: Commissioners Guide to Monitoring & Oversight
Trainer: James Inglis

March 19 - 20: Get Your Team NSPIREd
Trainer: Darlene Kelly

March 25 - 29: Procurement & Contract Management
Trainer: Jim Inglis

March 26 - 27: Implicit Bias: What Is It and Why Does It Matter? and Privilege, Bias, and Debiasing Systems

​Trainer: Lisa Baker

April 1 - 3: NSPIRE for Housing Choice Voucher

Trainer: Dennis Morgan

April 2 - 3: HCV Portability

Trainer: Adel Hsu

April 15 - 19: Family Self - Sufficiency

Trainer: Adel Hsu

April 23 - 26: How to Effectively Manage Your Maintenance Program

Trainer: Wayne Hood

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