What's New

2021 has been a year of changes for all of us. We’ve learned how to keep in touch while physically distancing. We’ve learned how to work from home and break from the traditional 9–5 routine. We’ve learned how to make changes to our offices to stay safe and productive.

Because of the coronavirus crisis, our association struggled with decisions about whether to hold, postpone, or cancel conferences & other events. But soon enough, our options were limited by social distancing rules & travel bans. The tough decision then becomes whether to reschedule your conference for later in the year, or transform it into a virtual event. The most important thing is to protect the health of conference goers & presenters. After closely following the advice of institutional health officers, regional health authorities &, national guidance for travel & taking in consideration of the information provided by appropriate authorities the association has decided to host the 81st Annual Conference Virtually. For many of us, this will be the first time that we attend a virtual conference. While it’s easy to focus on what we’ll be missing by not gathering together, there are advantages to moving to the virtual space.

There is no doubt that virtual conferences in the current time of COVID-19 raise challenges for organizers, attendees, & speakers. But by making the most out of your virtual experience, you’ll be able to walk away with valuable insights, a robust network, & insights that you can use in your own office.